Should You Pad Your Metal Roofing?

metal roof

I have had a metal roof since I built my house.  In 2001, my wife and I built a house in Amarillo, TX, and had a metal roof put on because the design looked best with the rest of the house.  We acted as the Subcontractors for our home build because we were familiar with many of the necessary elements due to the fact that my concrete company primarily works in the new home build sector.  Amarillo has been a growing city for the past twenty years and we thought we knew all we needed to know in order to build the home of our dreams.  We were extremely pleased with the entire building process except for the roofer we hired initially.

We loved the house, but the metal roof was so loud that it made the difficult to be in the home any time it was raining.  Rain didn’t have to be anything bad either, it just had to start sprinkling and it sounded like we were being attacked my Martians or something.  So, I talked to a different roofer in Amarillo and asked him what we could do about the problem.  This particular Amarillo roofing company seemed to be more at home with metal roofs than the first roofing company we used.  When I told him our problems, the owner had not trouble isolating our primary issues.

We were told that the problem was with the original installation, and that the roof was not padded correctly.  That being said, without replacing the roof, we could not do anything to improve the padding, but we could have a foam backing sprayed on to the underside of the roof for insulation.

The spray-on foam was a great help for the sound.  In fact, we could even watch TV during a rain after the foam was installed, but it continued to be noticeable.

I hate to say that a hail storm in Amarillo is lucky, but for us, it allowed our insurance company to cover the majority of a new roof, and the roofer we hired for the foam installation the year before was happy to replace our metal.  Because the deck was still in good shape, we were able to replace the metal that was damaged by the hail, but this time, we had a far more substantial padding installed in order to cushion the noise from rain.  The roofer we hired was able to install the thickest padding available for metal roofs, and our installation costs were only about five percent more than with conventional padding.

The installation process was no more difficult than with conventional padding, and our roofer was able to install the entire roof in a day and a half.  Not knowing that the padding would actually help with the noise problems we were having, we hoped and prayed that it would at least reduce the noise.  Our hope was that the home would be livable after the foam, and the padding were replaced.

To our delight, we were blessed with a big rain only a few weeks after the installation, and we were actually able to sleep through the entire rain.  We got about two inches of rain in the middle of the night, and if it weren’t for the lightning in the bedroom window, we wouldn’t have even known that it was raining.

We called our roofer that morning and informed him of the good news, and he seemed confident that there wouldn’t be any more problems with the sound of rain hitting our roof.  From the new metal, the improved padding, and the spray on foam insulation, we were able to transform our ear piercing tin can to the home we had always dreamed of.

Additionally, we noticed a substantial drop in our utility bills after we made decision to have the foam sprayed on, and a small improvement again after the new roof was installed.  Our roofer that we found on the Texas Roofer’s Directory site let us know that we would be able to notice some improvement in this area, but we were not expecting such a drastic change.  The noise improvement would have been enough to spend the money to have it done, but the reduced cost of utilities is helping to pay for everything we did.

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